fête [noun] an entertainment, especially in the open air, with competitions, displays, the selling of goods etc usually to raise money, especially for charity.

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fet, fetted, fetting.

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FETs are also known as unipolar.

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Fett is typically very unfortunate in many Star Wars movies, so when you’re having a bad day, wearing a “fet’s luck” shirt will let your fellow Star Wars fans know you’re having a rough day.

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The body of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of Spain’s fascist Falange movement, has been exhumed from a Madrid mausoleum and transferred to a city cemetery. The meaning of FETE is festival. Discreet married dating site – Ashley Madison. wikipedia. . .


Haitian Creole: ·be born· past participle of fè; made··party. ( F ield E ffect T ransistor) One of two major categories of transistors; the other is the bipolar junction (BJT).




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